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The Psychoanalyst

'My Mission'….

To help you gain control over anxiety, depression, fears, phobias, lack of self-esteem and negative beliefs.

By embarking on a structured course of Psychoanalysis, I will help you discover the root causes of your belief systems, helping you to understand why you think or act the way you do.

The Method…

You and I will meet every week for 1 hour over

6 – 10 weeks (this is an average time scale for a course of psychoanalysis) where I will utilise Hypnosis to begin a process called ‘Free Association’. Throughout the entire analysis, your mind will reveal to you events, incidents, thoughts and feelings in your life which may initially seem random or disconnected, but by the end, will give you an insight in to yourself you could have never imagined. The results can only be described as 'enliberating' and ‘enlightening’. It is this process which will enable you to let go of deeply rooted beliefs that may have held you back simply because you thought, “That’s just me”, or “I’ve always been like that”.