Q. What is Psychoanalysis?

In short, Psychoanalysis is the discovery of what is unconscious or subconscious in mental conscious life.

Q. What can be gained from Psychoanalysis. What does it involve?

A great deal can be gained from Psychoanalysis. You will be seen over approximately 6 - 10 weeks at weekly intervals (this is an average) and by the end have an insight into yourself very few people posess.

Q. Why is Hypnosis used. Is Hypnosis necessary?

The subject of Hypnosis has attracted widespread interest over hundreds of years, and it's effects on people stretches into the realms of absurd magical belief. This may be partly down to it's origins where charlatans would manipulate the phenomena for control purposes such as stage hypnotism where a hypnotist would amaze their audience by gaining control over anyone who would volunteer. Hypnosis is used as an aid for therapy only. There is no one up-manship, and as popularly supposed, no watches on chains being dangled infront of your eyes. Hypnosis can best be described as a very pleasant and relaxing state to be in, and it is inconceivale that anybody can come to any harm as a result of it.